Extreme Fat Smash DietDr. Ian Smith’s Extreme Fat Smash Diet is safe, fast and ultra-effective–taking his proven weight loss system to its hard core.

No gimmicks, no denying yourself entire categories of food (like carbs), no nonsense.  Instead, Extreme Fat Smash Diet delivers quick, permanent results.

On Extreme, you’ll set yourself up for: –losing up to 12 pounds the first 3 weeks –learning your dieting profile: are you an alpha, beta or gamma? –choosing one of three cycles of dieting for three different weight loss goals: 5 pounds,  10 pounds, and 15 pounds and up –real-world exercise ideas –fresh recipes for quick, tasty meals –a schedule that allows both meals and snacks –Dr. Ian’s tips and strategies to keep you on track –a maintenance plan that’s designed to stick.

If your dieting goal is time-sensitive, Extreme Fat Smash will work for you!

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