Hear What Shredder Nation Says About the Diet that’s Lost Them Pounds, Inches, and Sizes!:

“I had no idea how much my life would change in only a month. With SHRED I’m down a total of 27 lbs. At my age and metabolism, this is a miracle. I am a SHREDDER for life.”—Beverly

“Thank you for SHRED! I’ve lost for good, 5 pounds during the first week. SHRED rocks!”— Renita

“This has been the best lifestyle change!”—Jenell

“@doctoriansmith has me under his spell” —Tawnya

“Wrkout done! 1194 cals burned! Day 12 of #Shred. Giving 110% Lost 5lbs last week. can’t wait 2c scale Mon”—Nicole

“Week 1 I lost 7.6 pounds…EXCITED! I went an entire week without any soda!—Sheree

“Dr. Ian is a miracle worker! Couldn’t believe my scale this morning.”—Melissa

“I was able to handle my meals and not overeat when I went to the game tonight. This is huge for me because I usually can’t resist stadium food. Victory 1 for me came tonight!”—Justin

“It’s made such a difference inside and out.”–Courtney

Before and Afters!

Carla Biesecker Down 73 lbs!

Carla Biesecker Down 30 lbs!


Julie Peterson Down 21 lbs.

Julie Peterson Down 21 lbs.

Bev Simon Lost 80 lbs!

Bev Simon Lost 80 lbs!


Kristie Thomas – Down 26lbs in 6 weeks!


AHMED Gordon – Down 82 pounds!


Jennifer Plumey – Down 20 lbs in 6 weeks!


Misty Hanes – Down 24lbs!

Heath and Charissa from Oklahoma.

Heath and Charissa from Oklahoma.