50 Million Pound ChallengeWhat is The 50 Million Pound Challenge?

Dr. Ian Smith’s 50 Million Pound Challenge is a national health initiative encouraging people to come together and take control of their health by getting fit, losing excess weight and turning back the deadly toll of weight-related diseases that threaten nearly half of Americans.

The Challenge is a free campaign supported by national civic and health organizations. It is helping cities, civic groups, friends and families team up to help reverse the epidemic of excess weight and create a culture of healthier living.

Since The Challenge launched in April 2007, the initiative has grown to over one and a half million members who have lost over five million pounds together as a community.

Below are just a few of the many things we hope participants can accomplish as The Challenge continues to grow:

  • Shed excess pounds, achieve healthier weights, and reduce the risk for life-threatening diseases.
  • Unite as a community and pool strength and resources to overcome the health problems that afflict us.
  • Learn more about our bodies and how to live healthier and longer lives.
  • Teach youth about the importance of making healthy lifestyle decisions that will benefit them for years to come.

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